Guest Post: Chronicles of a Corper Shun (My camp experience)

It’s no secret that most people who can’t wait to get into youth service, can’t also wait to get out of it. These were the same words I used whenever I was asked about my NYSC camp experience. Upon constituting these words, let me take you down through memory lane, on the impact NYSC camp had on me. To describe this experience in a single sentence, without hesitation I’d tell you “it was a huge crush”. It will be untrue to say that it was fantastic, although it wasn’t as terrible as my perception sensed it, as it is with mixed feelings and reactions.

On a faithful Thursday evening, I got a random text message. It read “NYSC mobilization list is out”. It also stated that only 18 people from my department were mobilized. Out of curiosity I called the number to confirm if I was part of those that would be qualified to respond to the chant of “Corper Wee”. At time I didn’t much concern myself with who sent the text or whose voice I was listening to, my mind was on the answer that I wanted to hear. Still I grinned with happiness at the news and couldn’t wait to see the list for myself. I got to school and headed directly to the student affair unit where the list had been posted, only to discover that I was the 15th person in that error list. Ah! Gosh!! What have I done wrong this time? Why am I on the list? These are the words that troubled my already excited mind at the time. Later that day I together with other problem candidate went to see the Dean of student affair for a possible solution. He gave us some words of encouragement and also a form to fill; which we did and submitted other necessary documents to foster the solution.

The problem lingered on a little longer than I had expected. I lost that excitement that came with the news of our mobilization and the thought of putting on the NYSC regalia in service to the Nation. From that day up until the moment the deployment list came out, you wouldn’t be too quick to doubt if I told you I had done a forty days and forty nights fasting for a single request, because I looked so haggard and had shrunk immensely from over thinking the issue.

Then another list was out and I wondered what message this would one carry. But decided I was ready to face the challenge, good or bad. Altogether the news was good and it rekindled my joy. I was the first to collect my call up letter from the faculty officer, who congratulated me as though I had won a merit award. That prompted me to buy him an MTN voucher worth N400, as though he was the one that had influenced my posting to Cross Rivers State. After celebrating with my friends in the hostel, I took out time to organize myself.


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