Day: December 25, 2017

Top rated online games for girls that love tech

The tech and gaming are the two most popular words that are usually associated with boys because it is a common concept that boys are more interested in playing all the latest games and they are also interested in learning new things about the latest technology. Usually, people believe that you’d rarely find a girl that loves to play games or wants to learn interesting things about the latest.

If you also have the same concept, then you’re completely wrong because there are many girls that play several games regularly and they also show a lot of interest in the latest technology. If you take a look at the Top Rated Friv Games, you’d see that there are many girls that are playing these games regularly and some of them have much higher scores as compared to the boys.

Even there are many new games that are specially designed for the girls that love tech. In this article, we’re going to take a look at eh top rated online games for girls that love tech. This will help in clearing your concept that girls are not only interested in playing tech games but there are thousands of girls that are regularly playing these games online. Here are the top rated online games for girls that love tech.


Codedamn is the latest game related to the IT industry. Girls that are learning coding find this game very helpful and they regularly play this game to polish their skills. This game has several levels that are designed according to the skills the player has. The players can play this game to improve their coding skills. So, this game is not only a fun element but it also helps in polishing your skills regularly.


Techgirl is an incredible game that is specially designed for the girls that are interested in learning new things about the latest technology. The beauty of this game is that it provides the complete demonstration of a new technology before the player can start playing the game. You can also skip reading the description and move to the game directly but most of the players usually like to read the information as it helps in increasing their knowledge. This game does not only share information about the technologies related to women but it shares information about all the latest gadgets that are being used nowadays.

VR chunk

This game involves the VR technology. So, you need to buy the good quality VR glasses before you start playing this game. This game is extremely interesting as compared to other types of games because it helps in increasing your knowledge about the VR technology by showing you several interesting facts.…

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