Month: August 2017

Wireless Gadgets Every Girl Should Have

According to a study conducted by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 91% of rape victims and sexual assault victims are women. At the same time, one in five women is raped during her lifetime. This is the reason that women should go an extra step in trying to protect themselves. Of course learning martial arts may seem to be a good thing, but there may be situations when you cannot use these methods. Due to this situation, some enterprising companies have come up with wireless safety gadgets disguised as pieces of jewelry or other things that can send alerts to people who can help the woman in danger. These products are quite wearable and especially useful because they can be camouflaged in an outfit or are designed like jewelry which can be worn with any dress. These products prove that when creativity and technology come together, they can do wonders. However, you may not find these gadgets in the best wireless earbuds guide, but a little research online can help you to find them.
Women’s safe bracelet

This bracelet is known as Safelet and was designed keeping in mind convenience and speed. There are two buttons on the side of the bracelet which can be pressed in situations of danger, and they will send an alert to a Guardian Network. If the situation involves high dander, then the people who receive the alert can call 911 from within the app. This bracelet can also be synced with your mobile phone to start recording audio.
This gadget is disguised as an ordinary ring, and it emits a loud piercing sound which will distract the assailant. The sound can be heard from a distance of 50 feet, and all you have to do is twist the top of the ring to the left at approximately 60 degrees. It has a stylish design and is easily accessible which makes it simple and convenient to use in different situations.
Stiletto charms
This gadget has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of modern jewelry design. It can complement almost any outfit, but there are secretly many functions included in it. With the help of the stiletto mobile app, you can create an emergency profile, set up emergency contact, plan a route and check the battery level of the device. Apart from contacting family members or friends, Stiletto charms can also reach 911 dispatches in the US. There is even a voice assisted alert system which can be used to communicate when the user is unable to speak.
ROAR Athena
Athena was created to provide an easy way for women to get help. The device is about the size of a half dollar coin, and it activates a loud alarm when you press a button. The device also sends an alert along with your location to contacts who can help. The device can be attached to a handbag or even worn as a necklace. The device can be set to silent mode so that information can be sent to contacts without making noise.
There are many other gadgets available in the market which can be used by women to ensure their safety and the best part is that they are wireless and can be used in the form of jewelry. This will ensure that you get help soon in any dangerous situation.

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