Random Rantings: The Disorder called ‘blankophobia’

I know you are wondering “What does that even mean?” That just shows you haven’t been reading your English dictionary. You and practically everybody else. Just kidding! 😀 Blankophobia simply means ‘fear of the blank page’. It isn’t a real word – well wasn’t until you read it here, because I invented it. Most people know blankophobia as ‘writer’s block’. I should probably trademark the word so I get paid anytime someone wants to commercially use it, just like Michael Buffer :D.

Lets Get Ready

Back to why I’m even writing about blankophobia. Picture this. You haven’t written in a while because you seem to be out of ideas. You open a new word document in an attempt to write something, but stare blankly at the blank page instead. Or you do have something you want to write about, but you just don’t know where to start.

I guess only writers will be able to imagine this – writers and those under who write under duress. Almost all writers have those times (I know of only one person who’s never had it), I personally used to have those times – a lot. And it was very frustrating at times every time.

When that happened, I always abandoned it and went on to do something else, waiting for inspiration to hit me. That didn’t help. At all! I agree with Anne Tyler when she said that if she waited till she felt like writing, she’d never write at all.


So what’s girl to do? I’ll tell you. I wised up, right of the bat. To be good at what I do requires constant practice and dedication. I needed to follow the 10 000 hour rule – Malcolm Gladwell says so. I took some necessary steps.

Instead of waiting for inspiration to hit me, I go a-hunting. I source for it – from conversations with friends and family, what I see in the news and read on the internet, from things that happen to me and around me. I’ve never lacked for things to write about since I had my epiphany.

I keep a journal of my daily life and activities. That helps a lot as well, because by putting my experiences to paper, I make sure that I write something every day. Some of the entries make interesting stories for some of my works.

I also read some of my previous works to get ideas on old things to build up on or new things to do.

When I have something to write about, but didn’t know where to start, I write down anything and everything I know about the subject without making corrections, and then edit them later.

Or I use the method I was thought in secondary school for essay and letter writing– brainstorming and outlining my ideas with introduction, body and ending. I use one line sentences to describe paragraphs and bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain. It never fails.

When I get ideas out of the blue, I make sure to put them down or else, they flutter away. I prefer to write ideas down rather than type them on my laptop. Other times, Evernote comes in handy.

But now that I’m never short of ideas and how to go about writing them, my challenge now is finding time to actually do the writing. I know someone who will be very happy that I finally got around to putting up a new post.

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