4 Things to Know Before Marrying an Igbo Girl

Not everyone will need advice on their marriage and how all situations starting from the wedding day should be handled. Your age will bring you the maturity to deal with everything that marriage entails. But the case is quite different when you are marrying an Igbo girl. She is no different from the other girls; just as loving and caring as anyone, but has an ethnic culture that bounds her to a certain disposition. They are intelligent and beautiful to leave you mesmerized even before you realize that you have fallen head over heels for them.


This sect of Nigerian girls is indigenous to the south-eastern parts of the country. Although they are lovable and fun, they surely have a few unique quirks that make their marriages equally strange. There would be an exception to this case as well, but most commonly, all Igbo girls tend to exhibit such characteristics. If you have fallen in love with an Igbo girl, and is planning to get married, look at the most important things that you need to know before marrying her.


1.  Presence of Their Family Matters to Them

Igbo girls value their family so much so that they want to have all the members around them almost all the time. You cannot make her cut off the links with her close relatives or even the extended family because she will have a deep regard for all of them. Every member of her family will have a special place in her heart, and not any of them can be discarded for your interest. So, you should be aware of the fact that your home will be loaded with members of her family laughing, gossiping, and frolicking all around. The decision to stay away from her family would do you no good since she will be more or less concerned about that comfort space of hers. She will find ways to get back there; home-sickness and other random things will lead her to get back in constant communication with her family.


2.  Children Will Easily Learn Her Language

Although most Igbo girls are well-groomed in English, they would love to switch to their dialect since they are more comfortable with that. None of them will be ready to neglect their tribal traditions and dialect for the marriage. So, the children are also likely to adapt to the cultures of their mother rather than yours. They will start speaking in the mother-tongue and exhibit Igbo traits.


3.  Religious Girls  

Almost all Igbos are Christians, and they are very religious as well. They fear God and follow His instructions to lead a good life since they are brought up in strict Christian homes. These girls will never snub their beliefs for their husband. You will need to accompany her to the church every Sunday and commemorate all religious events.


4.  They are So Loving

It is undeniable that they are intelligent and beautiful, but it is their love that makes them stand out. They are also industrious to serve you with delicious foods. She will take care of everything at home from managing the budget, buying essentials, and cooking food to taking care of the children. She will always be a good wife.

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