Top rated online games for girls that love tech

The tech and gaming are the two most popular words that are usually associated with boys because it is a common concept that boys are more interested in playing all the latest games and they are also interested in learning new things about the latest technology. Usually, people believe that you’d rarely find a girl that loves to play games or wants to learn interesting things about the latest.

If you also have the same concept, then you’re completely wrong because there are many girls that play several games regularly and they also show a lot of interest in the latest technology. If you take a look at the Top Rated Friv Games, you’d see that there are many girls that are playing these games regularly and some of them have much higher scores as compared to the boys.

Even there are many new games that are specially designed for the girls that love tech. In this article, we’re going to take a look at eh top rated online games for girls that love tech. This will help in clearing your concept that girls are not only interested in playing tech games but there are thousands of girls that are regularly playing these games online. Here are the top rated online games for girls that love tech.


Codedamn is the latest game related to the IT industry. Girls that are learning coding find this game very helpful and they regularly play this game to polish their skills. This game has several levels that are designed according to the skills the player has. The players can play this game to improve their coding skills. So, this game is not only a fun element but it also helps in polishing your skills regularly.


Techgirl is an incredible game that is specially designed for the girls that are interested in learning new things about the latest technology. The beauty of this game is that it provides the complete demonstration of a new technology before the player can start playing the game. You can also skip reading the description and move to the game directly but most of the players usually like to read the information as it helps in increasing their knowledge. This game does not only share information about the technologies related to women but it shares information about all the latest gadgets that are being used nowadays.

VR chunk

This game involves the VR technology. So, you need to buy the good quality VR glasses before you start playing this game. This game is extremely interesting as compared to other types of games because it helps in increasing your knowledge about the VR technology by showing you several interesting facts.…

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Make Your Move With Blogging – Girls Stuff – Tech

What is the definition of power? This question has many different types of answer. But the foremost thing is that in each answer you will find instances that are not said directly but indirectly pointing towards the social media. The rise and the popularity of the social media have led to the definition of power in a new direction. Technology from the very beginning has been equally distributed among the male and the female. But the patriarchal society has lost their way to use the social media. A slow start but with steadiness the woman has taken the advantage.

Women love to be in vogue. They used to look for those things that are striding the market. But if you make a close watch then you will find that many women do not have the knowledge of what is going on in the market and what not. The internet sites for blogging with the use of advanced technology have been on the run to make the other women aware of the facts that are going on in the market. We will now focus on the ways and the things that have been taken by the women to help other.

Posting a photo of the fashion line with description

Many women want to inform her friends with the photos of the things that she has taken from the market. This has found to get a little space to show off their skills or talent on the social media sites. To get other women aware of this fact and also to showcase their skill blogs have been taken as one of the power tools to make other women aware of the latest fashion lines that are striding the market. This also made with the posting of photos and with that a page of information.…

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Wireless Gadgets Every Girl Should Have

According to a study conducted by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 91% of rape victims and sexual assault victims are women. At the same time, one in five women is raped during her lifetime. This is the reason that women should go an extra step in trying to protect themselves. Of course learning martial arts may seem to be a good thing, but there may be situations when you cannot use these methods. Due to this situation, some enterprising companies have come up with wireless safety gadgets disguised as pieces of jewelry or other things that can send alerts to people who can help the woman in danger. These products are quite wearable and especially useful because they can be camouflaged in an outfit or are designed like jewelry which can be worn with any dress. These products prove that when creativity and technology come together, they can do wonders. However, you may not find these gadgets in the best wireless earbuds guide, but a little research online can help you to find them.
Women’s safe bracelet

This bracelet is known as Safelet and was designed keeping in mind convenience and speed. There are two buttons on the side of the bracelet which can be pressed in situations of danger, and they will send an alert to a Guardian Network. If the situation involves high dander, then the people who receive the alert can call 911 from within the app. This bracelet can also be synced with your mobile phone to start recording audio.
This gadget is disguised as an ordinary ring, and it emits a loud piercing sound which will distract the assailant. The sound can be heard from a distance of 50 feet, and all you have to do is twist the top of the ring to the left at approximately 60 degrees. It has a stylish design and is easily accessible which makes it simple and convenient to use in different situations.
Stiletto charms
This gadget has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of modern jewelry design. It can complement almost any outfit, but there are secretly many functions included in it. With the help of the stiletto mobile app, you can create an emergency profile, set up emergency contact, plan a route and check the battery level of the device. Apart from contacting family members or friends, Stiletto charms can also reach 911 dispatches in the US. There is even a voice assisted alert system which can be used to communicate when the user is unable to speak.
ROAR Athena
Athena was created to provide an easy way for women to get help. The device is about the size of a half dollar coin, and it activates a loud alarm when you press a button. The device also sends an alert along with your location to contacts who can help. The device can be attached to a handbag or even worn as a necklace. The device can be set to silent mode so that information can be sent to contacts without making noise.
There are many other gadgets available in the market which can be used by women to ensure their safety and the best part is that they are wireless and can be used in the form of jewelry. This will ensure that you get help soon in any dangerous situation.

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A Teaching Lesson In The Off Times

Many women in the present day have been working side by side with their male counterparts. It has even reported that many women have been in the position that has not reached by any men till date. This example created women wants to spread their experiences to the other women. Blogs have been one of the main instruments that have been taken by these women to spread their messages to the other women of the world. This teaching lesson in the off time also makes them popular with each passing day.

A lesson to help another woman through the internet technology

Women’s took pride in the things that they have created by themselves. These things may be of different subjects. But they focus on making it global. If you are on the social networking sites, then you will find that with the use of the advanced technology women has been on the spread of education through various ways. In the rural areas of the world, they have been spreading the technology on their own and have been educating the other women by their own life experiences.


The invention of technology has been in the process of binding the world with a single thread. Like men, women too are on the lookout for helping one another through this advanced technology.

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